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Sand storm, Harbin Buddhist monastery, Harbin Siberian tigers' center, Harbin Tiananmen square, Beijing The Great Wall, Simatai Terracotta warriors, Xian Shaolin monastery This little piglet, Shanghai Old Shanghai Laughing Buddha, Hangzhou 5:05 p.m., Chengdu Chairman Mao, Chengdu

Hong Kong

The island of Hong Kong A view from Victoria's Peak


St.Paul's cathedral Wushu man in Monte Fort Wushu men with swords


Potala, Lhasa View of Lhasa from Potala Exercises in arguing Cut in stone Buddha Scenery near Lhasa Scenery near Samye Roof of Samye monastery Stupa in Samye Samye monastery Yak Yamdrok-tso lake Buddha in Gyantse Tibetan boy Tibetan girl Tibetan punk Tibetan chicks Tibetan playboy Fort in Shegar Everest


Suspension bridge Waterfall Rice fields Mule caravan Boy and monkey Mountains near Bagarchhap Nepali children Manang Near Thorung La Pass Monkey in a temple Kathmandu Flower decorations


Near Bangladesh border Anti-terrorist squad Place of Buddha's enlightenment Mountain where Buddha meditated Dirty cows Clean cows Going nuts Golden Temple, Amritsar


Bus Train station Water vendor Children at train station Chittagong Children in Cox's Bazar Beautiful girl River port, Dhaka Pineapple merchants Mother and her baby Hindu temple in Ramu Temple wall Kids


Modest Pakistani woman Bus station in Islamabad Pakistani soldiers


Checkpoint at Jalalabad Afghan engineer Jalalabad guys Smoking and watching Checkpoint near Kunar river Barefoot soldiers Restaurant in Shewa APCs Kids in Darunta Fellow travelers Women in Kabul Ruins of Kabul 1 Ruins of Kabul 2 Ruins of Kabul 3 Bridge over APCs Doves in Mazar-i-Sharif Poses for a shot Kids in Mazar-i-Sharif Residential Balkh Beggar in No Gumbad Afghan beauties Destroyed tanks Dead tank Fellow traveler Population in Northern Afghanistan Public transportation Friday Mosque, Herat Traffic control, Herat Jeep and a horse Stuffed jeep Grandpa with fruits Family riding Al Qaida cemetery Women at a cemetery Collecting healing dirt Taliban cemetery Dead tanks in Ghazni Checkpoint near Kabul Stopping on the way to Herat


Ayatolla and the guys Women in chador More women in chador Iranian punk


Ararat Mountain Sultanahmet area


Morning Damascus Damascus in early morning Al-Hamidiyya market Umayyad Mosque Tomb of Muhammed's granddaughter Train station in Damascus Roman columns in Palmyra General view of Palmyra ruins Qala-at ibn Maan fortress Birds in Tartus


Green Line 1 Green Line 2 Green Line 3 Green Line 4 Green Line 5 Green Line 6 Green Line 7 Anglers Mediterranean Sea Graffiti Schoolgirl


Treasury in Petra Camels in Wadi Rum Aqaba Red Sea Egypt on horizon


Islamic Cairo Street shop Man bargains Minaret Mosque Noon prayer Pyramid Close-up of a pyramid Alexandria Evening in Alexandria Night in Alexandria


Little monks Dog meditates Street food Khmer temple Muang Tam Khao San Road Wat Arun Bus art Waterfall with fish Erotic elephant Kanchanaburi Grown-over Buddha Elephants for tourists


Looking at the Sun Senior citizen Shwedagon pagoda Catch-22 Sunprotected boy On the way to Bagan Bagan Street-seller Shwezigon pagoda Grandma smokes Ayerarwadi sunrise Curious girls Two curious girls More curiousity Water festival in Mandalay Street-seller in Mandalay Little monks Inle Lake Gathering grass on Inle Lake More grass Local official Porter Little monks play Evening prayer Monastery head Grandma Oxes


Kids in truck Street-seller Boat landing Mekong River boats Mekong River restaurants Jungle path Boats Laotian girl Opium for the masses Smoking children Grandma and kid Loads of bananas Vientiane at night Temple ladder Vang Vieng Chained elephant Zoo tiger


Angkor 1 Angkor 2 Angkor 3 Angkor 4 Angkor 5 Salesboy Monk on a street Killing Fields Skull Puppy suntans


Dalat at night Dalat in morning Street-seller Nha Trang beach Poltergeist


Petronas towers Strawberry Bugs Sunset in Kota Kinabalu Rowing boy Disembarking in Kota Kinabalu Jungle trek


China-India-town Underwater bear Aquarium Jaws IV Something fishy Touristy tourist


Sunset in Bukittinggi Kuta girl

East Timor

Dili boy Fishing in Dili Children swim


Mosque mosaic Omar Ali Saifuddien mosque Evening in Bandar Seri Begawan


Death of a Canon


Tainan Confucius temple Tree Taiwanese girls


Sukhbaatar's statue Lonely horse

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